Ozge Yoluk

Research Topic

Proteins responsible from the effects of alcohol and anaesthetics are my current interest, in other words I am analysing the structural and functional relationship of ligand-gated ion channels (LGICs) with alcohols and anaesthetics.

To find an answer how LGICs are activated and modulated, I adopted a multidisciplinary approach combining electrophysiology with computational biology.

Publication List

  • Bertaccini, Edward J., et al. “Assessment of Homology Templates and an Anesthetic Binding Site within the [gamma]-Aminobutyric Acid Receptor.”Anesthesiology (2013).
  • Yoluk, Ozge, et al. “Stabilization of the GluCl Ligand-Gated Ion Channel in the Presence and Absence of Ivermectin.” BiophysJ (2013).
  • Yoluk, Ozge, et al. “Conformational gating dynamics in the GluCl anion-selective chloride channel.”  ACS Neuroscience (2015)